Pourquoi LannuaireWeb est un annuaire de liens de qualite?

Les normes d'inclusion:

1. Do not submit websites with same design or same content like other sites
2. We do not submit mirror sites that have the same content, but a different URL address
3. Do not submit websites that are under construction
4. We do not submit websites that redirect visitors to another website
5. The website must be in English

Nous n'acceptons pas les websites comme:

1. Websites for adults,(any pornography or adult content)
7. Containing child pornography webites or material that violates international copyright
8. Webites containing something with fraud
9. Webites with pirated software or links to other sites like this
10. Webites that sell or advertise on weapons, drugs and other illegal products or services
11. Webites containing online gambling games such as roulette, poker, bingo, etc.
12. Webites that sell drugs online (for example, pharmacies)
13. Webites mostly composed of afiliation
14. Webites created for the ads
15. Visually disturbing websites that containing strange designs and colors that can harm the eyes.

Pour plus de details, s'il vous plait contactez-nous au info AT lannuaireweb.com

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